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Fuel Additives

Fuel additive can help maximize fuel efficiency and help you avoid problems such as rough idling, weak acceleration, stumbling and stalling. The benefit of using fuel additives is that they help to meet the increasingly stringent environment norms. Rigorous environmental regulations along with increasing demand for clean and efficient fuel and depleting crude reserves are the drivers for the fuel additives. Through research and development we are continually improving our additives to meet new environmental and business challenges.

2 Ethyl Hexyl Nitrate (2EHN)

2EHN is a Cetane booster in diesel. The Cetane Number of diesel fuel is a measure of its 'ignition quality'. High Cetane Number diesel fuels offer a variety of important engine performance and environmental benefits.

The use of Cetane Number Improvers (CNI) enables the ignition quality of distillate stocks to be simply and economically increased. They provide a direct and accessible means to upgrade diesel fuel performance.

The additives increase the Cetane Number of distillate fuels by improving fuel ignition characteristics in the combustion chamber during the compression stroke.

  • Shortened ignition delay
  • Improved cold start
  • Reduced white smoke during warm up
  • Reduced emissions (HC, CO, NOx and PM)
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Reduced fuel consumption


Characteristics Specification
CAS Number 27247-96-7
Molecular Formula C8H17NO3
Molecular Wt. 175.23
Appearance Colourless to light Pale Yellow Liquid
Flash Point 700 C (Close cup)
Boiling Point 1000 C (de composes)
Density 0.96 sm/ml @ 200 C
Assay by G.C. Minimum 99 %
EHA Maximum 0.1%
Moisture by Karl Fischer Maximum 500 ppm

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